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2015 Residences

“Honor awards are granted to projects that exemplify excellence of architectural design on all levels of analysis and are reserved for those projects that stand out”

– William Carpenter, FAIA, PhD, LEED AP, 2015 Residential Architecture Tour Jury Chair

516 Euclid Street Residence - street view [photo: © Louis Cherry]

516 Euclid Street Residence | HonorLouis Cherry Architecture

The design for a new modern home was based on creating compatibility with the historic homes in terms of scale, materials, shape and composition. The home is inspired by craftsman architecture that values expression of local materials, exposed structural details, and simplicity of form.

516 Euclid Street Residence - main living space [photo: © Louis Cherry]516 Euclid Street Residence - second floor den [photo: © Louis Cherry]

House in Trillium Forest - back patio [photo: © photobymikemills]

House in Trillium Forest | Honor Szostak Design

This two-story, 7600 square foot house is located inside a quiet, peaceful site surrounded by trees. It’s composed of three, white stucco volumes interconnected by a glass and cedar clad gallery. A central volume contains the living room, kitchen and staircase, organized in an open plan arrangement that invites the forest into the interior environment of the home..

House in Trillium Forest - gallery / living [photo: © photobymikemills]House in Trillium Forest - studio [photo: © photobymikemills]

Hungry Neck House - street elevation [photo: © The Raleigh Architecture / Construction Company]

Hungry Neck House | HonorThe Raleigh Architecture / Construction Company

The owner is a chef by avocation and this house, located on a previously vacant lot in an older downtown neighborhood, centers around cooking and entertaining. A light filled, double height space in the middle connects the kitchen to the rest of the house. At the rear, the house opens up for entertaining via large operable glazing and focuses on views of a 100 year old oak tree.

Hungry Neck House - living [photo: © The Raleigh Architecture / Construction Company]Hungry Neck House - second floor [photo: © The Raleigh Architecture / Construction Company]

Hurt-Manzi Residence - courtyard

Hurt-Manzi Residence | HonorLouis Cherry Architecture

The owner is an artist and one of the primary programmatic elements is the construction of a connected art studio and exhibition gallery. The planning concept is the use of a central courtyard for organizing the plan. The double height studio and open living/dining/kitchen space are opposite each other and connected by gallery space.

Hurt-Manzi Residence - front elevationHurt-Manzi Residence - living

Salemi Prim Addition and Renovation - elevation [photo: © Jonathan Danforth]

Salemi Prim addition and renovation | HonorEllen Cassilly Architect

This painter/teacher couple wanted to improve the appearance, functionality and energy efficiency of their small historic home and add a modern studio to serve as study, media room, observatory, art gallery, and guest suite. The sculptural two-story space is east of the site allowing south facing windows and the back corner is truncated for clear views of the back yard from the kitchen window.

Salemi Prim Addition and Renovation - living [photo: © Jonathan Danforth]Salemi Prim Addition and Renovation - bathroom [photo: © Jonathan Danforth]

Horseshoe Farm - elevation [photo: © BuildSense]

Horseshoe farm | MeritBuildSense Architecture

The clients desire to grow old in a warm, modern, comfortable, and healthy home that compliments their lifestyle and the site. The shed roof, precast concrete walls, corrugated metal siding, and reclaimed lumber interiors reinforce the rustic simplicity of the farm while higher tech systems including a photovoltaic array and reclaimed water flushed toilets assure they will enjoy their home while not paying utility bills.

Horseshoe Farm - screened porch [photo: © BuildSense]Horseshoe Farm - bedroom [photo: © BuildSense]

Protzman Residence - kitchen [photo: © Lissa Gotwals]

Protzman Residence | MeritBuildSense Architecture

The rapidly growing family desired to live a modern lifestyle while respecting the history of an 1870’s farmhouse. To support the immediate family and serve as the gathering place to a large extended family, the home was gracefully redefined to open to the existing pond, cottage, and pool areas. Numerous gathering areas reinforce the connection from interior to exterior.

Protzman Residence - screened porch elevation [photo: © Lissa Gotwals]Protzman Residence - screened porch [photo: © Lissa Gotwals]

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