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2016 Residences

Hermitage Residence- exterior

Hermitage ResidenceSzostak Design

A contemporary, 4,700 square foot residence accommodates the needs of a growing family within a reposed, sunlight-filled environment, respectfully attuned to the historic neighborhood in which it is sited. Clad in painted masonry, architectural stucco and zinc exterior paneling, the home is a composition of carefully proportioned volumes, designed with an owner-directed emphasis for graceful accommodation, simplicity and an immediate connection to house’s enveloping natural environment.

Hermitage Residence - living [photo: ©Jim Sink Photography]Hermitage Residence - kitchen [photo: ©Jim Sink Photography]

Hillcrest House - roof

Hillcrest House Alphin Design Build

This new single-family residence is sited in one of Raleigh’s first street-car ‘suburbs’ established in the mid-1920’s, a time of progressive cultural expansion in the south. The design intentionally avoids mimicking neighboring architecture, identifying instead with the founding spirit of place. The home’s form is an outgrowth of the neighborhood’s cultural roots: responsive to nature, conducive to modern living and individually expressive.

Hillcrest - elevation & interior

Love Addition - interior [photo: © Jessina Leonard, 2016]

Love AdditionEllen Cassilly Architect

An addition that transforms the whole garden side of this 1936 house with new large windows, doors, porch and deck all focused toward the outdoors, while creating interior spaces for home concerts, seating areas and displays of extensive art collections. 

Love Addition - view from interior [photo: © Jessina Leonard, 2016]Love Addition - exterior [photo: © Jessina Leonard, 2016]

Morrison Residence - Louis Cherry Architecture

Morrison ResidenceLouis Cherry Architecture

A private residence for a filmmaker situated on the highest point of the site. Owner desired a home providing a variety of settings for living, working, entertaining and creative pursuits with a strong connection to the landscape and experiencing dramatic views to a southwest stream. By pulling the main spaces apart, four courts are created facing different quadrants of the site and having a different functions and expressions.

Morrison Residence - entry [photo: © Louis Cherry]Morrison Residence - master bedroom [photo: © Louis Cherry]

The Ten at South Person - elevation [photo: © Richard Leo Johnson / Atlantic Archives

The Ten at South PersonIn Situ Studio

The project, designed for a vacant downtown site, is a new housing format for Raleigh – modern, affordable, and possessing row house DNA. The design maximizes square footage at low cost, builds from defining characteristics of a surrounding historic district, and creates a streetscape via stoops, play of materials and relief on the street facade. Units sold in six days at a price that was the least expensive per-square-foot housing offered in downtown. Despite modern form, the complex is nestled comfortably within the neighborhood.

The Ten at South Person - stair  [photo: © Richard Leo Johnson / Atlantic Archives]The Ten at South Person - interior [photo: © Richard Leo Johnson / Atlantic Archives]

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