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2017 Residences

Balakrishnan-Residence[photo: © Mark Herboth Photograpy LLC]

Balakrishnan ResidenceCube Design + research

The design creates a central living room within the landscape. The living room has floor to ceiling glass either side that may be fully opened to a meadow. This is analogous to the southern vernacular dog-trot home and allows natural cooling to adjacent rooms. The two-story home is laid on an east-west axis to maximize the benefits of passive solar throughout the year. Tall pines that surround the home inspired the vertical exterior siding. Movement through the home is choreographed to views and natural light.

Balakrishnan-Residence [photo: © Mark Herboth Photograpy LLC]Balakrishnan-Residence [photo: © Mark Herboth Photograpy LLC]

Brinegar House [photo: © Owner]

Brinegar HouseSzostak Design

Sited on the golf course in Durham’s historic Hope Valley neighborhood. The design respects its context and also reflects our client’s vision for a modern house with space for art, outdoors and room to entertain.
The entry court framed by site walls providing privacy and a layered entry experience. A gallery spans the length of the south entrance and provides circulation through the house. The primary open-plan, high volume living space extends directly onto the terrace. Amenities include an indoor/outdoor fireplace, a lap pool.

Brinegar House [photo: © Owner]Brinegar House [photo: © Owner]

Del Rosso Residence [photo: © Jim Schmid Photography]

Del Rosso ResidenceShaw Design Associates

The casual character of the residence is clearly established on the exterior. Recalling the Craftsman style of the early 20th century, the house’s long, meandering footprint identifies with our regional low country vernacular.
Sunlight enters the home through three central dormers providing natural light to the foyer, guest room and library. Walnut is featured throughout the home’s interior in the doors, library cases, cabinet doors and dining room table. Reclaimed oak floors add texture to the contemporary lines of the interior.

Del Rosso Residence [photo: © Jim Schmid Photography]

Medlin Residence[photo: © Richard Leo Johnson / Atlantic Archives]

Medlin Residencein situ studio

Our clients desired four-bedrooms with large public spaces opening onto a constrained suburban site near downtown Raleigh. The site was long north-south and sloping down to the street on the north side. A stream bisected the site near the street, and the associated floodplain precluded construction on the front half of the property. A slope at the rear of the site prevented locating the house back on the property. These constraints produced a compact, two-story “L” creating a private outdoor space between the house and the hillside.

Medlin Residence[photo: © Richard Leo Johnson / Atlantic Archives]Medlin Residence[photo: © Richard Leo Johnson / Atlantic Archives]

Trott Residence[photo: © davidsolow.com]

Trott ResidenceTina Govan Architect and Cube Design + Research

With a view of the Durham skyline, this home sits on a corner in the historic Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood. A deep front porch continues the existing pattern of porches along the street and seamlessly extends the inside to the outside through a series of foldaway glass walls. Simple wood slats weave the siding, railings, fences, and trellises together, creating dynamic patterns of light and shadow. The house and site weave together inside and outside, building and nature, old and new.

Trott Residence[photo: © davidsolow.com]Trott Residence[photo: © davidsolow.com]

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