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2015 Residential Entries

Chase Park Residence - front elevation [photo: © Sarah Der Photography 2015]

Chase Park ResidenceSzostak Design

The residence is a three-bedroom, 3,500 square foot home located on a steeply sloped, thickly wooded site. Elements of the house are composed within a thinly-drawn, three-story vertical bar placed perpendicular to the slope of the surrounding terrain.

Hillcrest House - elevation [rendering: © Alphin Design Build]

Hillcrest House Alphin Design Build

This new single-family residence is sited in one of Raleigh’s first street-car ‘suburbs’ established in the mid-1920’s, a time of progressive cultural expansion in the south. The design intentionally avoids mimicking neighboring architecture, identifying instead with the founding spirit of place. The home’s form is an outgrowth of the neighborhood’s cultural roots: responsive to nature, conducive to modern living and individually expressive.

Jackson Addition - front elevation [photo: © Louis Cherry]

Jackson AdditionLouis Cherry Architecture

The owners sought to preserve the quiet and elegant character of their home while still achieving the space and technological needs for their family. The design solution was to create a crossing gable roof with a low slope to match the original. A series of interconnected outdoor spaces create the connection from the kitchen patio to the sloped back yard and basement.

Patel Patel Residence - street view [photo: © The Raleigh Architecture / Construction Company]

Patel Patel ResidenceThe Raleigh Architecture / Construction Company

The residence involved renovating and adding on to a 1950’s era two-story brick triplex. The new owners desired a duplex to provide short-term income before serving as a long-term dwelling for their parents. The plan was flipped allowing an open living, kitchen, and dining area access to eastern glazing for natural light and views of the skyline beyond.

Ridge Road - street view [photo: © Raymond Goodman, 2015]

Ridge RoadBailey Allred

An unused courtyard was enclosed to add 350 sf of living space and the roof redesigned to allow for an outdoor living area, ample natural light, vaulted ceilings and an artist’s loft. This renovation has created a new look, inside and out, and implemented a number of sustainable strategies to a residence originally constructed in the 1950’s.

Triangle Modernist House [rendering: © Richter-Norton Architecture]

Triangle Modernist HouseRichter-Norton Architecture

Whole house renovation of a modified deck house, honoring the original architecture while improving the function and energy efficiency with a contemporary new look.

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